ERDE performs a full engineering designs for projects built with the forms of Nudura, including all ellectrical installations, sewage systems, etc. Consultation and integrated designs for conversion and reconstruction of existing buildings and parts of buildings


As an exclusive distributor of Nudura Technology, ERDE sales and deliver all products, insulated concrete forms and accessories by Nudura Corporation.

Complete Construction

Complete construction of projects with Nudura's Products and Technology:

• Engineering Design:

Architecture design;

Construction Design;


Electrical Installations;

Sewage Systems;

Landscape Design;

Fire-alarm Installations;

Security Installations;

• Construction Implementation;
• Inner Installations;
• Finishing work;
• Landscape implementation;
• Legalizing;

Contacts tel. + 359 888 231 251
erde_bg [at]

Films and Gallery

10mins film - introduction to the innovative construction technology NUDURA

Insulated Concrete Forms - introduction to Nudura's insulated concrete forms


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