Community Amenities - dstr. Ovcha Kupel, south-western Sofia.


• only 6 km away from the City centre of Sofia

• 5 minutes walk from blvd.”Ovcha Kupel”, tram station of № 11, bus station of № 73 and № 107.

• 400 meters away from the medical SPA Center „Ovcha Kupel", providing with opportunities for sports and water medical procedures, due to that the region in which the building is found, has been announced to be a resort complex by the municipality.

• 600 meters away from „New Bulgarian University” (NBU).

• Easy access to Vitosha and Lyulin mountains providing opportunities for winter sports, mountain bike, tourism and relaxation.

• The building has its own yard with fence, providing security and independence for its residents. Landscaping of the zone around the building with grass, greenery and flowers. Fully finished common parts and façade.

Building Technology


• Built with innovative construction materials - insulated concrete forms from and according to NUDURA ICF Technology (Canada)

• Double thermo- and sound-resistant insulation, providing minimum 45% heating and air-conditioning cost savings.

• UPVC white joinery with high-quality profile;

• Local gas heating system with aluminum radiators; (option: gas boiler; convectors; chillers)

• Thief-, gas- and fire-alarm installation with the apparatus; Installations for telephone landlines in each room;

• Control access with intercom system and opening of the door (option: video monitoring and inter-conference connections)

• Entire electrical installation with installed electrical board.; (option: installation of electrical appliances, sockets and switches chosen and bought by the owner)

• Installation for cable TV and internet connection in each room;

• Sewerage system ending on caps, Water-meters included; (option: finishing with materials, tiles and accessories chosen and bought by the owner)

• Walls and ceilings - ground coat and rough plaster; floors - concrete floors. (option: possibility for completion and full furnishing package with materials chosen and bought by the owner.)

• Fully finished common parts and façade;

• Personal and car elevators.

Note: The apartments will be created according to the "Bulgarian Completion Standard" as described above. In Bulgaria most of the buyers of residential properties, prefer to buy their new property completed to a standard of not-painted walls, unfurnished and unfinished - no tiles, no accessories, no lighting, while the building externally and all its communal areas and façade are completely finished. In that way the owner has the complete freedom to design and finish his property exactly as one wishes, and within his budget.

Office 1


• Total: 195,31 sqm

• 1st floor, actual size: 95,75sqm + 2nd floor, actual size: 25,30sqm + parking lot/storage room: 74,26sqm + common parts: 20,34sqm

Office 2


• Total: 82,73 sqm

• Actual size: 32,17sqm + terrace: 14,72sqm + parking lot/storage room: 35,84sqm + common parts: 23,77sqm

Office 3


• Total: 140,46 sqm

• Actual size: 89,90sqm + terrace: 14,72sqm + parking lot/storage room: 35,84sqm + common parts: 40,89sqm

Apartment 1 - SOLD or Apartment 8 - SOLD


• Total: 108,68 sqm

• Actual size: 68,54sqm + parlking lot: 40,14sqm + common parts: 20,34sqm

Apartment 2 or Apartment 9


• Total: 69.49 sqm

•Actual size : 55,44sqm + parking lot: 14,05sqm + common parts: 16,45 sqm

Apartment 3 or Apartment 10


• Total: 71,23 sqm

• Actual size: 54,93sqm + common parts: 16,30sqm

Apartment 4 or Apartment 7


• Total: 130,66 sqm

• Actual size : 94,10sqm + parking lot (garage): 36,56sqm + common parts: 27,92sqm

Apartment 5 - SOLD


• Total: 85,77 sqm

• Actual size : 71,72sqm + parking lot: 14,05sqm + common parts: 21,28 sqm

Apartment 6 - SOLD


• Total: 179,52 sqm

• Actual size : 110,25sqm + parking lot (garage): 36,56sqm + common parts: 32,71sqm

Apartment 11


• Total: 130,66 sqm

• Actual size : 94,10sqm + parking lot (garage): 36,56sqm + common parts: 27,92sqm

Apartment 12


• Total: 186,60 sqm

• Actual size: 97,00sqm + terrace: 49,46sqm + parking lot (garage): 40,14sqm + common parts: 30,18sqm

Contacts tel. + 359 888 231 251
erde_bg [at]

Films and Gallery

10 mins film - introduction to the innovative construction technology NUDURA

Insulated Concrete Forms - introduction to Nudura's insulated concrete forms


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